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Raw Encompass 2013 Melbourne

Ok Since I'd  queued up lots of photos and didn't update my blog for quite awhile, two blogs in a day ;) Just to continue from my previous blog[...]

Some Update and My New Nex-6

This blog haven't been updated for a long period... Life is pretty busy atm and I am planning for my next trip....  Japan~!!   Which is about in on[...]


This is another shoot for couturing.com website. It is part of the LMFF 2012 event.  Nevertheless, I think no matter lighting or the atmosphere, I[...]

Neverland Melbourne

在澳洲第二次的到了clubbing的场所。 也和上次到club的理由相同。同样是为了拍照。。。。 其实可能是因为自己也不喝酒, 年纪又有那么一点上下, 所以clubbing 这样的场合,也很难说得上是自己会enjoy的一种娱乐方式。  拍完了后, 出到外面的停车场的第一个感觉就是...[...]