Melbourne Tulip Festival 2011



Ok, I know… now is going to be winter in Australia… but yes, I just converted all these photos which took during spring last year from Raw to Jpeg….. I admitted that I am a bit redundant and there are still lots of photos in my computer and haven’t have time to look at them… haha

It was my first time being Melbourne Tulip Festival. It wasn’t really big and really a WOW experience, but still… they are pretty.. and the weather was nice that day.  Thanks for Baby took me there… away from my computer and monitor… 😛

I did lot of experience for backlight shoot on that day.    Since I don’t really have a real macro lens and that was a tourism place, I do not what to use my tripod and reverse ring to play with macro, so I dont have something crystal clear.  Nevertheless I still quite like those photos I shoot this time.   Hoepfully you like them too 🙂