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Elle – Lucy Lucy Solo Exhibition

Melbourne-based, Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy’s much-anticipated solo show “Elle” opens at Juddy Roller on September 2015. Elle is a collective repr[...]

Hip de Hop de Sake night

An event with drink, food, Hip Hop, live painting, Body painting, music .... at My Little Gogo Melbourne. Was invited by Hiroko Okada Hair of Art to c[...]

Miss Galaxy Victoria 2014 BTS

It has been awhile since my last update.  I know I haven't finish blogging my 2013 Japan trip.. and I might or might not to continue that. Today bl[...]


Recently I was lucky and get invited to few different runway for covering those events.  Even though shooting a fashion runway event is cool, and I do[...]

Sodagreen concert Melbourne 2013

According to wikipedia, Sodagreen  is a Taiwanese indie band formed in 2001. Its members has been unchanged since 2003. Sodagreen emerged in the Taiwa[...]