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Sugar Republic - 379 Smith Street

现在去各种展览,活动,餐厅,旅游景点, 名店, 拍个照或自拍, 然后放放朋友圈或FB 或 Instagram, 刷个人气,赢取些Like已经是一些现代人的生活规律了。 一些网红可能还会经常头疼, 该去哪里拍个照,发个什么内容。。。我想, 这也是为什么, 现在任何展的门票, 比以往都好卖。。。[...]

Melbourne street artist - Rone

今天中断了日本游的博客, 那是因为今天刚去看了我最喜欢的街头艺术画家之一 Rone 在墨尔本的展,所以今天就放放去年看的展的照片和一些今天才拍的照片。Rone 擅长画女性的面孔和表情,而且出名在利用废弃的建筑展来现女性的美。 这些建筑物过不久都可能会拆毁, 他美丽的作品也和他理念中的美是一样[...]

Miss Galaxy Victoria 2014 BTS

  It has been awhile since my last update.  I know I haven't finish blogging my 2013 Japan trip.. and I might or might not to continue that. [...]

Raw Encompass 2013 Melbourne

Ok Since I'd  queued up lots of photos and didn't update my blog for quite awhile, two blogs in a day ;) Just to continue from my previous blog[...]

Some Update and My New Nex-6

This blog haven't been updated for a long period... Life is pretty busy atm and I am planning for my next trip....  Japan~!!   Which is about in on[...]