Raw Encompass

Recently I was lucky and get invited to few different runway for covering those events.  Even though shooting a fashion runway event is cool, and I do enjoy it, but it could be quite boring sometimes.  Especially while you have the limitation for the location and lighting, and you seldom could be really creative for what you should capture are all in the list.. Therefore, what could really make it interesting for a runway event is actually the BTS shoot.

I was invited to a multi-faceted artistic showcases event – RAW Encompass for helping one of the artist Tiffany to cover her runway. Since I had a family dinner on that day, so I could only make it a bit late and miss most of the opportunity to cover the BTS of the make-up and hair session, but I did enjoy all the BTS ‘moment’ after I reached there. Of course, I do enjoy the runway too 😉

I put some of head shoot for Tiffany’s works on my profile page :Raw Encompass Beauty Shoot, and the photos on this blog will be mostly the BTS and some of the shoot for that event.


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