About Me

Thank you for dropping by.  To be honest, YES!  I am new to this Industry (for now..).  I love photography since I was a teenager, nevertheless I never had an opportunity, nor could I have afford to have photography as a hobby. The cost of a SLR and the cost of film processing was above my financial capability then. It was only until I got my first digital camera (Canon Powershot A80 from Ebay), that I could start to shoot whatever I wanted to, and started creating “my own” pictures instead of merely admiring other people’s photos.

Since my wife knew I love photography that much.. She bought me my first DSLR (Canon 450D) before our wedding as my birthday present. (My birthday is one day before our wedding)  Since then, Photography has literally become part of my life.  (Hopefully my wife didn’t regret for inviting “mistress” into our family…^_^)

At the moment I am a full time Web Programmer, but I do work as freelance photographer too. Even though I am a self-taught photographer, but I am not a bad or lazy student for sure. 😛 Hopefully my pictures will make you agree with that.  I did quite a numbers of portraits, events, fashion kind of shoot, nevertheless my real passion is on high fashion and to capture the  sincere emotions and happiness moment such as wedding, kids and babies.  I believe that God made everyone unique and different.  I would love to capture the uniqueness and the “magic moment” for them.