Some Update and My New Nex-6

This blog haven’t been updated for a long period…

Life is pretty busy atm and I am planning for my next trip….  Japan~!!   Which is about in one month time from now.

oh…. how about photography? I bought a new camera… and some lensesssss….. Instead of upgrading my Canon 7D to something else… (like 6D or 5D Mark III), I decided to get a mirorless camera, and Sony Nex-6 is what I picked.

Reasons? I like Nex system since the 1st Nex-5…  Impressed with the size , features…and the photo quality.   Nevertheless since I am a Canon user so I was just holding back and waiting for the Canon’s version of mirorless….and end up quite disappointed with EOS-M …  and during the EOFY (End of Financial Year) period, got Nex-6 in discount… so just got the 2 kit lenses package… plus the E 1824 ZA.

Beside the size, and better performance in ISO compare my Canon 7D, another advantage for this new camera is it comes with the wifi feature…. so I could just download those pictures to my phone and post on FB, Weibo, Instagram or anything… The bad things for this new camera are the battery life, complex and confusing menu system, and the focus speed in some lighting condition…

Below are some photos shot for one of the Hub  runway during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week  this year.  My friend told me that MSWF this year actually stopped normla people  who are using  DSLR and a tele-lens to take picture….but I wont have that problem… for all the pictures below are taken by using nex-6  😛