I am living in 2 dimensional space

Just before the 13th Melbourne Manifest, let me publish this set of cosplay photos  taken a couple of months ago.  The coser is 荒,and the character is the main character from Gintama –  Sakata Gintoki。But the costume was during the joi war while he was also known as “White Demon” during that time.  The shoot was take place at Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne.  Hopefully no kids being scared by us because of the blood. 😛


出完了环球小姐的片后, 就在墨尔本8月的漫展之前,将这个片给整理一下, 然后出片吧。

这次的cos还是和荒合作。主题是攘夷时期的银时, 也就是白夜叉的时候。 对这次的片,还算得上是满意,下个礼拜就漫展了, 大家一起冲入二次元吧~!!