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SteamPunk Meagan

This is third time shooting with Meagan.  Was thinking to create something with steampunk kind of genre after found this abundant resident near by Mel[...]

After School

This is second time shooting with Meagan, as she got a really cool new hair style.  The location was just around Docklands. The toilet bowls really ma[...]

Docklands Test shoot

This is very first time I shoot portrait by using a manual focus lenses.  After got my new Sony A7 Mark II camera, I only has some old M42 lenses for [...]

Jacky Beach Shoot

Beach shoot is always one of the popular theme during summer time.  Had the shoot again with Jacky again after she took a long break from shooting.  A[...]


Hedy was a international student in Melbourne.  And she was leaving Australia and going to Canada to continue her study at that time.  So I'd suggeted[...]