Camping around Melbourne/ Victoria~

I like camping… actually I like those kind of feeling of “cast away.. ” 🙂  So I like backpack, travel, go to some new places, adventure… etc…     Today.. I should be having my 4th time camping in life.  Unfortunately because of the “lovely” weather so I am sitting in front of the computer and writing my 10th blog post… >_<

So I decided to say about camping.. haha…   I think most of the ppl in Australia like out door activities., and camping is one of the favorite.    Just look at  some campsite actually required 3-6 moths booking in advance, unique website for only selling caravan (, magazines about caravan and camping… two to three big name chain stores for selling camping and outdoor activities gears across the country… you can tell how much oz like outdoor 😛 (unlike malaysia, last time while I want go to Taman Negara , and only looking for an anti-leech sock.. need to go around and around then finally found some camping gear store in Sogo there)

ok, back to 2009 January, it was my 1st time camping experience.  (I was planned to go back that place… today.. in my original plan >_< )  The place that we pick (me and baby and other friends) was Cathedral Range. Since most of us are 1st time doing camping so we would like to find some places which is not that “hardcore”, and not required driving too far away from Melbourne.  So Cathedral Range really was a good pick, even though there has no drinking water supply, and only have a pit toilet.  We did enjoy the campfire, and the experience. 🙂

Since I just got my camera during that time.. haha so none of the photo are nice enough to show here for that trip 😛

2nd time was on 2009 April, this time we have bigger group and we went to Upper Yarra Reservoir Park. This campsite is much more “civilized”  compared to the 1st time. 😛  There got BBQ facility, and even ward water shower…!! haha I think it is a great location if you have children in very young age or you just want to try out the camping for the very 1st time.

3rd time camping was in the all famous Wilson Prom.  I think I will love to go back there again… one day… 🙂  Hopefully can stay there for few more days this time, and get a better sport~! hehe

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