allie & michael

On 9th Oct I attended my boss- Michael and his wife Allison ‘s  wedding.  It was a great night. (Even though baby get cold during the ceremony, and got sick for one week after get back from the wedding… and I was sick after her till now >_< )  I am not the photographer for that night, haha but I just brought my camera though, just in case… 😛  They had good wedding photographer that night, with all the high end proper equipments.  At the beginning I was struggling whether I should bring my camera down from the car…. I know it is quite often for bringing a DC to a wedding, most of the ppl will use their own camera to take some shots for the ceremony, themselves, with friends, and with the bride and groom. ..etc, but not a DSLR duh~ 😛

Anyway,so I was decided leave my tele-lens,  flash, and bag on the car, and just brought my camera with Tamron 17-50 f2.8 down.  With this range of zoom, I know I wouldn’t be able to take much, but still can take some photo for that location, my other colleagues and baby.

It was a nice garden wedding.  Simple and nice, unlike Chinese traditional kind… lots of things to do… and the bride and groom will be soooo busy and tired for the whole day.  It was just a simple ceremony, then sign, then the couple took some pictures around and with family members.. and others just chit chat, drinking and wait for the dinner.   The food is quite nice too… and they set up a camera with remote shutter.  So you can write some greeting to the couple on a small white board  and capture it with yourself by using the camera.  🙂

I enjoyed that night, and got chance to take some pictures… hehehe.  May Allie and Michael will enjoy their new “position”   as husband and wife ~ ^^

So through this experience.. once again I assure that entry level camera with too many noise in high ISO, is NOT suitable for event in low light location, and 70-200mm should be a better range to shoot  in event.. but you might be blocked in some occasion.. so have more than one camera will have more advantage.. 🙂  So next time, if you are getting a wedding photographer, it is preferable he/she has more than two camera, and at least one is not too low end… haha just my 2 cents.