A new beginning…

new begining

Ok Actually I don’t know how to start.. If you did follow me in my previous blog site, you should already know I did have a personal blog site (photography.dsamxsam.com).  While I bought my 1st domain name samxsam.com about 4-5 years ago I was planning to build a website for my web development portfolio. End up I do get a software engineer as my formal job title, but my website never has anything really related with web developing. Since I got my first DSLR from my lovely wife – Jane on 2008 (related story on my old blog), the main topic on my website was always surrounding with photography.

So about more than one year ago, while I was thinking starting my own photography freelance service, I bought another domain name: samwithacamera.com.  I did shoot with only one camera during that time while I think of that name… even though I have more and more cameras… nowadays 😛

(another )Nevertheless… I ended-up just keep photography as a hobby and not really make it as a business for the past few years. I enjoyed TF kind of cooperation, shooting some events. helping friends for their wedding photography business… etc. This was why I kept this domain name for couple years but never really build a professional site for it.

Since my Domain name is going to expired… I had to decide whether I would like to keep it or let it go…  and this is the end result… I decided to get a new theme and build this website combine with blog, portfolio and a bit of my photography business… if I still have time and willing to continue on 2014 😉

and.. I know… this theme is sooooooooooooooooo Windows 8… 😛 but this is the theme I like the best to fit what I want at the moment 🙂